Grande Dame is a legendary Villa of historical significance and exquisite beauty. The Villa which is listed by the Greek Archaeological Society as a monument, was constructed in 1808 by Venetian architects and was the residence of Andreas Miaoulis the famous Greek admiral and politician who commanded the Greek Naval forces during the War of Independence.

The residence consists of the principal villa and a number of smaller buildings arranged around an interior stone courtyard which offers privacy and promises moments of relaxation.The unique location of the property offers breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea from most of its areas.

The main house consists of two large bedroom suites with their bathrooms, large entrance hall, living and dining area, kitchen and dining corner.The eastern building has two double bedrooms with bathrooms and showers each, as well as a seating -dining area. Lastly the southern building features a small seating room, two double bedrooms with bathrooms and showers and kitchen.

As soon as you enter the mansion and its principal living room you immediately feel the genuine crossroad of cultures and colours. Here the past and present live harmoniously side by side.In its well maintained areas one will admire the unique frescos on the ceilings and the stuccoed rooms.The beautiful floors of the main areas the spacious bedrooms as well as the Victorian bathrooms create a perfect blend of classy appearance and relaxed atmosphere.

Let your senses be your guide as you journey this sophisticated historic residence and its vast energy.

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