Blue Wave is a breathtaking estate similar to the Naxian beauty. It is a white stucco and natural stone serene escape that promises a tranquil stay for all whose grace it. This timeless property is a four bedroom, repose that is ideal for those who appreciate the Cycladic air and cherish the privacy of high mountain living. The stellar panoramic view is that of the jewel of Naxos; known as Orkos beach and of the serene cascading hills that line the Naxian horizon. The views from some of the rooms capture the varying azure blue ripples of the Aegean waters which are a bewitching spectacle that will captivate your heart and soothe your soul. The property is rich in classic comfortable island living and is spread over three floors that are designed with spacious entertaining area and a state of the art kitchen for gourmet meal preparation for entertaining your family and friends.

Blue Wave is a remarkable property that was built with the finest natural materials and exquisite local stone from the homonymous region. Every feature in the retreat is accentuated in the details of the furnishing and in the craftsmanship of the architectural finishes of the house.
The property is truly a testimonial to Naxos mythological heritage. Naxos is the island where Zeus was raised according to the legends of old and one can almost imagine his presence at Blue Wave, as we are sure it would be his choice of retreat as it is truly stately and majestic.