Gently sitting on the foothills of Mt. Pantocrator, Barbati, Bellevue is the contemporary choice of the privacy-seeker. Surrounded by a 1860m2 stone wall, this luxury estate is the ideal place to relax and enjoy serenity far from the bustling streets of downtown Corfu island.

Upon entering the estate, one notices the tall ceilings and floor to ceiling windows, giving an openness to the space like no other. Each room of the house was specifically designed by Architect Matasis Theodore to provide an unrestricted view of the sea and the gardens around. The interior of the house is furnished with superb hand-made beds, mattresses and beddings owned by the award-winning Corfu company “Imperial Storm”.

Each room has its own bathroom with all modern amenities and the last generation satellite LCD TV’s, air conditioning as well as WiFi. In the master bedroom there is a Roman-style spa with a panoramic view on Mount Pantocrator. The kitchen is fully equipped and if you need a chef, just ask for it ,and you will be served in a spacious dining with a beautiful fireplace that resembles a ship deck, which is natural since the owner is a former sailor.

This grand property comes with a 4.150m2 lawn with olive trees, and the latest OZON SYSTEM pool technology, located on a sun-deck providing a panoramic view of Corfu.

Under a gazebo, one can find a small outdoor dining area for ten people, with a rustic wood oven and a traditional Greek barbecue for grilling local fresh meats or fish.

“Bellevue” is a four-seasonal estate and is exclusively accommodated with all types of amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. Among others, you have a private selection of weekly services such as hiking, horse riding, boat cruises, fishing and scuba diving taught by the best instructors in Corfu.