***Historic Sales record on the island of Paxos***

As you follow the narrow, winding roads down to The Lotus Point, the intimate landscape of shady olive groves and old stone terraces completely fails to prepare you for the scale and grandeur of the view from this spacious villa.

Nature at its most expansive is laid out before you – and with the towering white cliffs of Erimitis alongside and nothing but blue sea, sky and sunsets ahead, a cooling dip in the infinity pool feels like a swim on the edge of the world.

Often a property with such extraordinary views pales into insignificance, but The Lotus Point was carefully designed to complement its unique location with many comfortable, cushioned places to lose yourself in the patterns played out in the water below. As well as landscaped gardens, spacious terraces and stonework the colour of cream, you can slide back glass panels and open out the whole front of the villa to make the inside space part of the great outdoors too.

From the cosiness of the television room with its nest of a daybed to the hand-painted walls and the bathroom with an external door so you can feel the sun as you shower, it’s the carefully considered details that will make all the difference to your stay here. And if there are no dolphins out at sea or eagles to divert you, the drama of the landscape will keep you busy for hours.