This aristocratic residence radiates authenticity without missing out on the traditional features of a local home. Once owned by a member of the secret organization called “Filiki Eteria” that was founded with the aim of liberating Greece by the Ottoman Empire in 1814. This legendary estate is located, right below the famous castle of the island of Patmos overlooking the entire bay and the island’s port. The property offers an exceptional opportunity to own a beautifully renovated historic home with grand sea views and stunning sunsets.

The main house was built sourced nearby circa 1860 paying attention to detail while offering large rooms and high ceilings. Additionally, history, celebrity, and legend are associated with this historic estate.

The main house is approximately 450 square meters which consists of 5 bedrooms with almost every window overlooking the amazing blue sky and the Aegean Sea. The daylight lingers through every part of a room while a unique serenity of calmness embraces the dweller of this home. A typical sample of elegant Aegean architecture, The Apocalypse will impress a visitor as well as a local.

The Apocalypse is poised for a dramatic transformation, as it was envisioned by the family many many years ago. It only awaits a discerning individual who can take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to preserve the current building and pursue to bring back to life it’s original beauty and class.

This magnificent historic home needs to be embraced and to be renovated while preserving the elegance of the Aegean architecture, completely transforming it to a small castle itself.