Vivid memories that call to mind an experience in deep sensory detail seem to travel us back to another time and place. The stimulus for this journey could be our Secret Garden, a 200 years old  farmhouse on a hillside overlooking the azure Ionian blues and the Greek mainland to the East and the inland rolling hills of Corfu to the West.

Sitting on 52.000 m2, the estate features a typical Corfiot country manor – of the kind usually identified within the Italian countryside – which originally belonged to the Mantzaros family, whose most famous member, Nikolaos, composed the music of the Greek national anthem.

Stroll around the main house and the restored former olive press turned to a guest house and obtain a wealth of information about the people who once lived there and what shaped their lives. 

A network of paths allows you to reach all the well maintained areas of this property amongst an olive orchard, a vineyard, a citrus grove, a mixed fruit orchard, a large vegetable garden and several ornamental gardens surrounding the two main buildings.

Entering from a double stone staircase, the house has received renovation and restoration – with no exterior alterations to the old building – sensitive to original details while infusing modern amenities, creating an elegant and sophisticated environment rarely seen. 

Stone floors flow beautifully throughout this welcoming and refined masterpiece. Bedrooms are spacious while wall libraries that go all the way up the ceiling are the houses main theme. The ceiling of the first floor is formed by solid mahogany beams while the windows enjoy the most privileged view.

A new wing houses a family room designed in the traditional style by a well-known Athenian architect. The smaller ruins and the main house are going hand in hand like the past and the present.

The guest house predates the main by at least a century and it used to produce oil until the 1940s.
Some glass-in alcoves were added to let the light in and the many of the stones of this old press were used to form a fireplace, a kitchen counter and a seating area.

Around the house pots with scented flowers and beds of herbs inebriate the sir with Mediterranean fragrances while the kitchen is an open invitation to discover and look for the Corfiot recipes of the past influenced by the Venetian culture. 

A serene swimming pool gives a blue note in this place of botanicals and hanging fruits. With such lush planting and bountiful greenery, it is easy to see why the air of this estate is naturally perfumed with happiness.

Unwind in Secret Gardens and add your own different accent to a familiar spot.