There is a place in Mykonos where only your imagination is the limit. Defined by a spirit of relaxed luxury, Observatory is a property thoughtfully designed in a secluded, large and gated land of 10,000 sq.m. It consists of four independent houses where the rooms are spacious enough to fit 12 people and are decorated with selected minimal furnishings of antique items and fine art. Walk on the golden brown marble floors and gaze at the wooden ceilings the gravures and ceramic plates on the walls that contrast with the whitewashed spaces.

The property has been portrayed in the Architectural Digest USA as one of the top houses in the world, subtle and sophisticated. But what is the most impressive of all, is the carving out of the natural surrounding rocks to create secluded, totally private areas and quiet places to relax and enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere.

Rise and shine in the mornings after a yoga session next to the infinity pool, the jump in the jacuzzi, or have a blast at the terraces that provide the ideal space for entertaining with numerous sitting and dining areas. Place your staff at a detached studio and have them serve you only when it is needed. With close access to the beach and a 15-minute drive from the celebrity town where you can spend time shopping in boutique stores, lounging at cafes or dining at elegant restaurants.

ΠΕΑ: 66774/2019 A.A: W1ANR-8YFHT-XNP0B-C
ΠΕΑ: 66719/2019 A.A: C3PLA-M5BC4-276HA-U