Ioulia is located on the picturesque island of Kea, a preferred weekend escape for well-heeled Athenians and those in the know. Kea (or ‘Tzia’) conjures up images of the unspoilt landscape of the Cycladic islands in times gone by and is enveloped in a refreshingly quiet yet aristocratic atmosphere.
The architecture of Kea is notable and unique, with its comforting and sturdy structures a welcome change to the whitewashed retreats of the southern Aegean islands. Kea also boasts some of the best sandy beaches and traditional cuisine in Greece, and Athenians continue to build their exclusive vacation homes on the island in recognition of its special offerings.
Ioulia consists of two separate properties measuring 549 sqm in total. Their contemporary design combines neutral tones and luxurious marble floorings, resulting in sophisticated and charming interiors equally suited for summertime or year-long living.

The two villas provide stunning views of the Aegean Sea and are located in close proximity to some of Kea’s most picturesque beaches, making them the ideal base for exploring the many facets of this precious island.