We invite you to the very heart of Greece’s capital city. Just steps away from the Acropolis of Athens, the most important ancient site in the western world.

We welcome you into Imara. A luxuriously elegant residence whose thoughtfully curated collection of furnishings and antiquities creates a timeless, effortless atmosphere.

The interiors have a nobility, an air of grace. You will feel immediately charmed by the warmth and character of Imara, the cosy living room, with open fireplace, the grandeur of the dining room, its easy to imagine yourself living here. You can almost see the table set for tea and picture friends dropping by to join you.

Beautifully cared for, Imara is a significant property. The views are superb. The back of the property overlooks Lycabettus Hill whilst the front looks across to the Acropolis. The sitting room has a direct view of the majesty of the Acropolis. By evening the room is drenched in its warm, golden light. This is a property of distinction in an esteemed location.

Living in such a location provides easy access to sophisticated arts and culture, to fine dining and excellent shopping. Living in the heart of a vibrant city is invigorating and rewarding, constantly changing and never dull.

Imara has not only superior interiors it has a beautiful courtyard surrounded by trees and plants, a private enclosure to appreciate throughout the summer and long into the mild winters that Greece is fortunate enough to enjoy.

There is the additional benefit of a privately owned parking lot, accommodating two cars belonging to the property.

Imara is the essence of elegance and timeless charm.