Located where the blue of the sea and the sky meets the intense green of the surrounding forests, this villa offers high end design, combined with the ultimate scenery to experience luxurious summer holidays and relaxation.

Massive terraces provide ideal spaces to bask in the utter tranquility and enjoy the unobstructed, breathtaking views of the Ionian sea.

A unique area of beauty, the unspoilt beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sunsets are bound to live in your memory forever.

This state of the art villa, spreads over 350 square meters of living space, fashioned to optimise comfort and enjoy the views.

With accommodation for ten, friends and family can enjoy some of most memorable times here.

From the beautiful swimming pool, to the large play room and outdoor lounge, Eventide offers a glorious social setting with spacious outdoor entertaining and relaxation spaces, all featuring a multitude of lighting effects to match the mood and occasion.