A modern approach to urban living, Erion intermingles city life with the utmost privacy, combining exclusive views of the Acropolis from a fourth floor location with spacious comfort and touches of natural charm.

Located within one of Athens’ most desired areas, Erion provides a sense of serenity whilst just steps away from the bustling city, as well as the Dionysiou Areopagitou area, which has been recognised as one of the centre’s best places to enjoy scenic strolls.

The 237sqm floor plan provides plenty of space for relaxation and subtle elegance that will make you feel immediately at home. Upon entering the living area, visitors will be greeted by polished wooden floors, with the warm tones perfectly aligning with the darker shades and granite countertops that can be found within.

With five bedrooms and three bathrooms Erion is a spacious family home. These rooms can be adapted to meet your specific needs, while the fifth bedroom can be easily reorganized into an office space.

High above the city of Athens, Erion offers both privacy and an exciting urban living experience.

A wide spacious balcony enhances the living area with large sliding doors that blend indoor and outdoor spaces creating a unique effect throughout. Surrounded by verdant plants, the blossoming scents on the terrace will make you feel as though you have stepped out of the city, the only reminder the awe-striking views of the landmarks and twinkling city lights.

The perfect way to experience city life and immerse yourself in all that Athens has to offer awaits to be discovered in the contemporary hideaway of Erion.

The buyer of this property is eligible for the Greek Golden Visa Program.