Cyana, located on the island of Hydra, is a most distinguished private manor, dating back to the late 18th century. Designed by an Italian architect who captured the renaissance style of the time, Cyana combines exceptional aesthetics with a wonderful sense of nobility.

The former residence of one of Greece’s most historic families, Cyana offers stunning panoramic sea views whilst its fortress-style perimeter walls guarantee privacy and seclusion.

In 2008, the architects responsible for the renovation respectively kept the traditional character intact, whilst adding modern day facilities.

Cyana is one of Hydra’s renowned mansions closely linked to the glorious history of the island.

The estate is made up of several individual properties which include a lower house, an upper house and three separate studios. The entrance leads through an imposing castle style arched corridor to the main quarters through a monumental staircase. In Italian architecture of the time the main level of the manor was known as the “piano nobile”.

All living spaces of the main house have high ceilings while double doors and windows with sea views fill the areas with bright beams of light. Traditional arches and wooden ceilings are just part of what creates the character and charm of this significant island residence. Four bedrooms are located in the main house and another two bedrooms are in the upper house. Both houses have their own living areas and kitchens.

A “poolside” studio offers one children’s bedroom and bathroom, the “cistern” studio a bedroom, bathroom and small kitchen, and the “twin” studio offers 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Other features include a private chapel and outdoor infinity pool.

The courtyards and terraces all offer amazing vantage points from which to enjoy the beauty of the views across the strait of Ydra, an ever changing scenery of sailing boats that graciously cross the channel.

The estate includes magnificent gardens and a range of terraced areas which all create a precious summertime oasis.