If you created a wish list and highlighted the absolute must haves, the things that make up the quintessential Greek island vacation home, Chrysallis would definitely incorporate all your dreams and aspirations.

Chrysallis, a white sugar cube villa, with its pale blue shutters, typically Greek and typically traditional in style and architecture, is the very definition of the ultimate summer home.

Located at the beach of the Golden Coast in Paros, a huge sandy beach with blue waters and a view of the island of Drionissi; here you can lay in bed on a warm summer’s morning watching the sea. An idyllic way to start the day. The beach starts as the terraces end, so close you feel as if you can simply reach out and touch the cool blue waters. At the end of the day the evening sunsets will leave you in wonder at the beauty of the scarlet skies. A truly magical sight.

The two -floor residence offers options to relax and entertain in this authentic Greek house. Stone pavers lead to a welcoming entryway. It consists of traditional living rooms and dining areas, four bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The island element is strong in all rooms, which are open and bright with beautiful hardwood flooring. Ideal for families that enjoy spending time together but also appreciate space. The decor is simple but charming. The furnishings chosen to create a coherent feel throughout, each one blending beautifully with the other, creating an authentic beach home atmosphere. Pure, natural simplicity.

Chrysallis offers tranquil outdoor spaces with a screened porch, built-in outdoor grilling area, and plenty of room for outdoor dining and entertaining. The outdoor oasis also offers a fenced-in backyard and privacy landscaping, full of olive trees.

Peaceful summer evenings can be enjoyed on the balcony of the house, watching the golden sun touching the surface of the ocean. The sky changes from minute to minute. From orange yellow to flamboyant pink, the clouds are painted with changing colours as the sun goes down.

Lovingly crafted and considered home created to make the most of the long Greek summers. For you and your family to enjoy simply being together.