An island of aromas, Spetses is a small wonderland of exceptional architecture and mesmerizing landscape. Lush forests merge with sun-kissed beaches while crystalline waters playfully sparkle with the sunlight. Such a dreamy scenery is a setting ideal for relaxation and absolute peacefulness. \

A classical Spetses residence, Blue sight is part of this scenery offering impeccable views of the old Harbor.
Inspired by the neoclassical style, Blue Sight is an exquisite interpretation of the island’s traditional architecture into the more contemporary forms. Spacious, modern rooms open to balconies with spectacular sea views. Elegant esthetics fill in with class the rooms and the natural light adorns the interiors as if you are outdoors.

The location of this inviting property is ideal to explore the island’s life: cafes, bars, picturesque tavernas and nightspots for sundown and for the ones who seek more privacy, you may enjoy the Spetsian skyline from your yacht, anchored just steps away from Blue Sight..