When picturing a dream house, does the mind automatically drift off to somewhere warm, surrounded by crystal clear waters and unspoiled beaches? This contemporary designed villa is exactly such a place.

Built at the waterfront, just a few steps from the beach, this modern structure presents a dynamic nature in the middle of a peaceful and tranquil area. However, the cutting edge design and colours adapts perfectly into the skyline throughout the day.

Inviting interiors offer sleek and clean lines designed as a place for rest and relaxation. Spacious bedrooms which are bright and warm welcome you with the dazzling sea views, while the sun playfully shimmers on the ocean surface. Switch on the night, see how the full moon paints the midnight blue waters with its silver glow. Marvel at countless stars and watch how this villa will become the brightest of them all.

The open plan living area is designed in favour of simplicity and cleanliness. The room bathes in bright shades of blue penetrating through the grand windows, overlooking the pool blending in with the sea and the skyline. The highlight of the room, an exquisite detail, is the floating staircase placed tactfully behind the glass wall.

Outdoor pool frames the patio from one side and the stepping stones at the end let you literally walk on the water. Let your creativity flow, the immense surrounding gardens just wait to be landscaped and turned into your green haven, a private retreat, hidden away from the masses.

Dine outside alfresco and enjoy the most splendid views, exclusively from the front row.