June 22, 2020 ⋅ In the Press

INMAN:Tips on how to sell in second-home markets

INMAN:Tips on how to sell in second-home markets

How agents can attract and support an out-of-town clientele

by Savvas Savvaidis

For the luxury buyer, investing in a second property is an act of pure wish fulfilment. A secondary home is about more than just necessity, it’s about the opportunity to live one’s best life — which is why being an agent in a second-home market is such a pleasure.

Demand for these properties is high and our clients are discerning, making second-home markets both hectic and thrilling for agents. Here in Greece, the past decade has been rife with economic uncertainty, yet the market for second homes has remained strong. Even during the recent global health crisis, we witnessed unprecedented spikes in activity — qualified leads were up 145% in April and 55% in May compared to last year.

This demand is being driven by two trends:

Successful business owners and executives have had to shift to working remotely. They’ve realized that it’s possible to now live and work in their dream holiday home as often as they want.
Older affluent buyers, in light of the health crisis, have had a carpe diem moment: there’s no time like the present to invest in the second home they’ve spent their lives dreaming about.
It’s exciting being able to connect with international clientele who are buying real estate not because they have to, but because they want to — they’ve arrived at a moment in their lives where they’re ready to execute on a long-held desire and discover what truly makes them happy.

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