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Chalkidiki is a peninsula which is formed by three smaller capes, known as the three “legs” of Chalkidiki. The first leg is Kassandra and has popular tourist resorts and organized beaches. The second is called is Sithonia with less organised resorts and more secluded beaches. The third peninsula is Mount Athos which is a close monastic community where entrance is allowed only to men and after special permission.

Chalkidiki area is vast and has mountainous and seaside villages. Hundreds of places some of which could be considered hidden paradises are spread all over the peninsula offering crystal clear sea, famous wineries. The canvas of area is completed with the rich touch of lush green forests that reach down to the beach and the golden sunlight reflected in its turquoise waters. Rich in gastronomic and cultural heritage it satisfies even the most demanding and extraordinary home owners.

Once there you will explore paths for mountain biking or walking through forests of pine, oak, fir and chestnut trees. Pure air refreshes and rejuvenates while crystal clear sea water refreshes every cell of your body. Chalkidiki addresses every possible need of everyone from anywhere in the world who comes here: the famous, the wealthy, the families with children who know that they will be occupied and well cared for. During the summer months, there are remarkable artistic festivals. Although music provides the main focus, performing arts are also prominent and theatres nearby may host major performances.

Chalkidiki has no airport, but the closest one is located in Thessaloniki, 16km east of the city centre, in Thermi. The airport of Thessaloniki operates domestic flights from Athens International airport to other Greek airports as well as international and private jet flights from abroad. Visitors who arrive by airplane to Thessaloniki may drive to Chalkidiki. Most areas can be reached within one and a half hours from the airport of Thessaloniki. The national general hospital is in Polygyros and two health centres for emergencies can be found in Kassandra and Nea Moudania.