Imagine a place where everything can be found. Α land that has given birth to mythical heroes, legendary warriors, epic poets and ancient Gods. Α country that is considered to be the cradle of democracy, philosophy, hospitality, science and art. Α landscape where imposing mountains embrace picturesque villages, the sun kisses the sea every day and islands of amazing beauty emerge among the waves. This place exists.

Located on the southeastern edge of Europe by the Mediterranean, Greece adjoins Europe with Asia and Africa, thus combining Western with Eastern civilization into a unique cultural mosaic. Ancient historical sites, a remarkable architectural heritage, cordial people and luscious gastronomic traditions invite the visitor to experience a distinct journey of self-awareness, framed by nature of exceptional beauty. A journey meant to be remembered for a lifetime and shared with friends and family.

Being the birthplace of Zeus, Plato and Hercules, the land of Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, Corfu and Parthenon and the battlefield of Leonidas, Greece is an inspiring and challenging amalgam of ancient spirit and modern era.

The Greek mentality of conviviality entrances the visitor to join in and seize the day, while both urban and rural areas offer a diversity of opportunities for exploration. Interesting museums, outdoor athletic activities, daily excursions, wildlife observation as well as local customs are present almost everywhere in Greece, waiting patiently for the right time to reveal themselves in front of the eyes of a visitor or resident.

As from antiquity, Greece is widely known for its very healthy climate. Bathed in sunlight, a variety of amazing landscapes attract not only occasional visitors but also couples and families looking for a second home, or more permanent relocation. Accessibility of the country from all over the world, along with properties being offered at enticing prices, makes it a place to treasure.