Twenty generations of nobility ownership of a Venetian Fortress in Corfu, Greece

The Quartano – Gennata property in Kouloura, north-eastern Corfu, has a noble history dating to the later end of the Middle Ages.
It was originally built in the 15th century and it was owned by the Quartano family, Latin nobles, who were granted an area on the island as a timario – a piece of land given as a prize for a wealthy family to protect it from the frequent raids of pirates and others.

During the 18th century part, the Gennata family acquired the property from the Quartanos.
The Gennata family were originally from Constantinople and in 1453, when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire, the family sought refuge in Coroni, Southern Peloponnese, one of the richest Venetian areas at the time.
In 1458, Coroni was occupied by the Ottoman Empire and they were forced to move to Cephalonia which in 1500 was occupied by the Venetians. A part of the Gennata family ended up in Corfu in the 18th century.
Gennata Family cote of arms
A prominent member of the family was Ioannis Gennatas, the first Minister of Justice of the first Greek Republic appointed by Ioannis Kapodistrias founder of the Greek State. Gennata who is one of the main founders of the Greek Law was actually born in the house in 1777. The estate has been the property of the Gennata family till 1988 when an ancestor of the Gennata family (Disney von Hughes) sold the estate to Umberta Nasi-Marsan, a member of the Agnelli family, granddaughter of the Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli. The property is now owned by Lady Silvia Pearson le Marchant Umberta granddaughter of Umberta Nasi. Pearson

A circular issued by Ioannis Gennatas

The property is available for sale by Greece Sotheby’s International Realty since May 2019 under the name Venetian Times