Area Guides: Kefalonia

"If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not recognize it when it arrives"
- Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

Kefalonia is one of the Ionian Islands. It is reachable by air (duration of flight is 45 minutes from The Athens International Airport, while during the summer there are also links with major European cities) as well as by sea (ferryboats from Patra and Kyllini, Peloponnese – duration of travel 2 to 3 hours). Also local boats link Kefalonia with Ithaka, Zante and Lefkas.

Kefalonia is characterized as the island of mystery. Imposing caves, wild horses, strange phenomena, whispered legends, all are surrounded by a unique romantic aura. Sea water disappears in the region of Katavothres, while in the mystical cave of Melissani sunbeams light the interior, revealing the stunning beauty of a hidden lake. Moreover, legend claims that Odysseus, king of Ithaka, was buried on the island.

The diversity of the coastline gives the impression that Kefalonia combines many different islands in one. Myrtos is a pebbly beach of astonishing beauty, surrounded by hills. Antisamos is the beach where the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed. The red sand of the beach Xi is rich in clay and offers a unique experience of a natural spa, while in the beach Fok one may meet Mediterranean monk seals. Sometimes, in the sandy beach of Lourdas horses can be seen galloping in the sunset.

Cave Drogarati is estimated to age 100 million years and its entrance was revealed after an earthquake 300 years ago. Due to its acoustics it has hosted many cultural events. In 1953 a strong earthquake damaged almost all buildings on the island, apart from very few villages, among which is the picturesque village Fiskardo that remained untouched.

In August the romantic custom of barcarole takes place in the village of Assos, where singers perform love songs while being on small boats.

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