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"Beware the barrenness of a busy life"
- Socrates, Greek Philosopher
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Antiparos is a small, rocky island located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, at less than a mile from the island of Paros to which it is linked by ferryboat.

The Cave of Antiparos is one of the most beautiful and important caves of the world. It is located at 171 meters from the surface of the sea, covers an area of 5.600 square meters and its maximum depth is at 85 meters. Visitors can descend in the cave by concrete stairs, while visibility in the inside is excellent, allowing one to admire all details of nature’s art. In the entrance of the cave there is a huge stalagmite, the oldest in whole Europe, ageing 45 million years. Additionally, the path to the cave offers the visitors a distinctive view to the Aegean Sea.

Antiparos has a coastline that is characterized by great diversity. The eastern part of the island consists of peaceful sand beaches, while the western part of cliffs that rise sheer from the sea shaping magnificent caves.
Very close to Antiparos there is the uninhabited island of Despotiko, an archaeological site of great interest and heavenly beaches. There, one can see a unique, untouched ancient sanctuary that is attributed to Apollo and Artemis.

Antiparos is a very peaceful island that became famous in the 1960s thanks to the Greek movie “Madalena” that was filmed there. During the 1970s and the 1980s the island was a very popular destination among nudists, because of its beautiful and remote beaches. However, the last years it has been attracting international, high-end tourism seeking for tranquility and crystal clear waters.

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