Land Size :400000 sq.m.

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This is the largest privately owned plot of land in Rhodes. Located in the far south of the island, in the area of Apolakia, this vast plot of land would suit a variety of uses from luxury high-end villas to hotel development or even a top of the range golf course. Up to 80,000 m2 can be built within the land for hotel development or up to 40,000 m2 for mix development use. Due to its size, its owner can benefit from the Fast Track Investments Law which facilitates large size investments in Greece.

Rhodes : Information about the property's location

Besides the omnipresent sun and sea, the first thing that strikes the visitor to Rhodes is its strong oriental influence and charm. The island’s remote location on the south-eastern edge of Europe and its rich multicultural heritage have shaped a precious identity. This is evident in the medieval city of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage… Read more »