Situated between land and water and with your eyes steadily looking at the horizon, your face will aglow with the orange rays of the setting sun before twilight beckons the stars. This privileged property is dominated by luxury and privacy in an enviable natural setting where you can enjoy a sense of relaxed and secluded living but at the same time be a part of a cosmopolitan and extraordinary atmosphere with an intense nightlife.

Every room has sea views while doors open on to balconies and terraces allowing the light to flow in. There are generously proportioned sitting areas, an infinity pool and outdoor barbeque facility, The property’s wall and fitting shades of blue and white colours play harmonious games with the stoned walls built by local stones and blend perfectly with the blue of the sea and the cloudless sky. The smell of the mediterranean air rejuvenates every body cell and fills you up with energy and positiveness.

Some nearby attractions include the island of Delos with rich archeological sites